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A Comprehensive Guide to Seal Coating in Seneca, SC

Maintaining your asphalt driveway or parking lot is essential in ensuring its longevity and functionality. One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your pavement is through seal coating. Seal coating is a process of applying a protective layer over the surface of your asphalt pavement that shields it from environmental elements, such as UV rays, water, and chemicals, that can cause damage over time. In Seneca, SC, seal coating is a common practice for both residential and commercial properties. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about seal coating in Seneca, SC.

What is Seal Coating?

Seal coating is a protective layer that is applied to the surface of your asphalt pavement. It is a mixture of water, emulsified asphalt, and other materials, such as sand, fillers, and additives, that are blended together to create a thick, durable coating. Seal coating can be applied using different methods, such as spray application, squeegee application, or brush application. It is recommended to apply seal coating every 2-3 years to maintain the integrity of your asphalt pavement.

Why is Seal Coating Important?

Seal coating plays a crucial role in protecting your asphalt pavement from environmental elements. UV rays can cause your asphalt pavement to fade and lose its color, making it look dull and unappealing. Water can seep into cracks and potholes of your asphalt pavement, which can lead to further damage and deterioration. Chemicals, such as oil and gasoline, can cause your asphalt pavement to weaken and deteriorate over time. Seal coating helps prevent all these factors from causing damage to your asphalt pavement, resulting in a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

When Should You Seal Coat Your Asphalt Pavement?

Seal coating is best applied when the weather conditions are optimal. In Seneca, SC, the best time to perform seal coating is during the spring and fall seasons, when the temperatures are between 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours. It is also recommended to wait at least 6 months after your asphalt pavement has been installed before applying seal coating.

How Much Does Seal Coating Cost?

The cost of seal coating varies depending on the size of your pavement and the condition it is in. On average, seal coating can cost anywhere from $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot. However, keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on additional services, such as crack filling or pothole repair, that may be required before the seal coating can be applied.

How to Choose the Right Seal Coating Contractor?

Choosing the right seal coating contractor is crucial in ensuring the quality of work and longevity of your asphalt pavement. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a seal coating contractor:

1. Experience: Look for a seal coating contractor with years of experience in the industry. Experienced contractors have the knowledge and skills to provide quality workmanship.

2. Reputation: Check the contractor’s reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients. You can also ask for references from the contractor and contact them to ask about their experience.

3. License and Insurance: Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured to perform seal coating services. This ensures that the contractor is qualified and can provide liability coverage in case of accidents or damages.

4. Equipment and Materials: Choose a contractor that uses high-quality equipment and materials. This ensures the durability and longevity of the seal coating.


Seal coating is an essential process in maintaining the lifespan and functionality of your asphalt pavement. In Seneca, SC, seal coating is a common practice for both residential and commercial properties. By understanding the importance of seal coating, when to apply it, how much it costs, and how to choose the right seal coating contractor, you can ensure the quality and longevity of your asphalt pavement. Contact your local professionals to schedule an appointment for seal coating.

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