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How to Select a French Bulldog Breeder

French bulldogs tend to be the best as they are loyal, caring and loving. Their playful nature as well as quickly disposition makes them an ideal companion for our lives. In addition they make amazing indoor pets as they are generally affectionate towards kids and comparatively small in size. It’s such a wonderful decision one makes by deciding to bring home a French bulldog puppy. This is because there is a lot of joy to everyone and acts as a source of entertainment due to some of their antics. Given that a healthy French bulldog puppy will live longer, share happier times with one’s family and potentially not have as many expenses at the vet, there is need to get them from a reputable breeder who has taken immaculate care while breeding and even during the birthing of these pups. There is need to consider the bellow things when deciding on a breeder for French bulldogs.

Breeder’s facilities. There is much need to check the environment where the pup grows up in. Frenchies growing up in a happy, clean and loving environment develops a positive attitude as well as a good nature. On the other hand those growing up in an unhealthy environment leads to an unhealthy and aggressive pup. There is need to look at these facilities and if the breeder is hesitant to show them to you it’s a good indicator that they are not the best. The pups must be allowed to run around freely and give ample space to nap around.

Breeder’s online presence. Given that we are in a developed technological era, it’s uncommon for French bulldog breeders to lack social media pages and business profiles online. A breeder with a well-designed website and a social media presence where there are a lot of likes and subscribes is a positive sign. It gives one confidence that the breeder is willing to invest time and money to develop their business and bring it online. However one should note that there are many scammers here therefore be wise when choosing the best breeder based on this factor.

Customer reviews. Similar to any other service or business, these breeders need also to develop goodwill in the community. It’s one reason why they encourage their clients to leave reviews and testimonials on their different social media pages. Having very few or no reviews and testimonials on Google could be a potential red flag. It means that the breeder is either unproven or the people are simply unwilling to leave them good reviews. After reading these customer reviews one gets an idea of the experience of dealing with the breeder and if they qualify for selection.

Cost. There is need to look at the cost the French bulldog breeder is selling at. There are some with cheap rates that mostly indicates that their frenchies are not of high quality and they may have health conditions. In addition some really overcharge given that they aim at making profits rather than being concerned about their customers. In this case there is need to research and find out what several breeder are charging for these frenchies before making the selection of where to get them.

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