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Hair Treatments Available at the Salon
Hair treatments are a great way to tame stray strands, treat split ends, add moisture and much more. They’re also a perfect way to keep your hair looking its best, even after you’ve had it done at the salon.

Frizzy, dull or brittle hair is no good for your overall look, so you’ll need to use the right hair products for your specific needs. One of the most effective hair treatments is a hair mask, as it helps to repair dry or damaged locks and make them soft and shiny again.

A gel treatment, such as the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Activating Hair Gel, can help to seal up the cuticle and lock in moisture, making your hair silky smooth. The product can be applied to dry or damp hair and left on for 12-20 minutes before being rinsed off.

Protein treatments are also a popular option at the salon, as they help to strengthen and restore the strength of your tresses. This will make them less likely to break or split, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your locks for longer.

The treatment can be applied to dry or damp hair and is a great addition to your normal shampooing and conditioning routine, as it’s designed to hydrate the strands without weighing them down. It’s recommended for those with thick, coarse or coloured hair that has been subjected to heat or chemicals.

Detox hair treatments are designed to help rid your tresses of buildup on the hair shaft caused by excess product use or pollution such as chlorine. They’re also a good option for those who have a bad scalp, as they’ll clear it out and stimulate your follicles to produce more hair.

Hot oil treatments are another popular hair treatment available at the salon, as they add shine and seal the cuticle to give your hair a healthy, nourished appearance. They’re also ideal for textured, dry, or coloured hair, as they can be used to seal up your strands and help them look their best.

A keratin treatment is another popular hair treatment, as it can be a great solution to frizz. This treatment will give you shiny, lustrous locks that last for up to six months, but it’s important to remember to take care of your hair after the keratin service has been completed by washing it less often and staying away from chlorinated or salty water.

You can also try using a homemade treatment. Black tea is a great alternative, as it can help to cleanse the scalp and leave your strands feeling soft and shiny. The process works by removing excess oils from the scalp and resetting sebum levels, so you can get back to having beautiful bouncy hair.

The best part? It’s a simple, all-natural DIY solution that won’t damage your hair or irritate your scalp!

For more tips and tricks on how to have luscious, healthy hair, visit our blog. We’ll be sharing our favourite beauty products for a variety of hair types, as well as tips and tricks on how to keep your locks in tip-top condition!

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