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How to Redecorate Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy kitchen counters are becoming an increasing number of prominent as a means to refinish existing counters and also add an entire brand-new degree of design and also beauty. They are really easy to collaborate with and have numerous advantages over various other kinds of surface areas. The major advantage is that the surface stands up to stains as well as wetness. This implies that you can make use of any kind of cleaner on the epoxy counter top without bothering with harming it. You can even wipe up spills today if they are little sufficient to be taken care of effortlessly. Another advantage is that it is nonporous, indicating that germs and also mold and mildew can not grow on the surface. This makes it a terrific option for bathroom and kitchens where hygiene is very important, along with any type of various other area where you desire a nonporous surface. These kitchen counters are also exceptionally long lasting as well as resilient, which is specifically useful if you plan to do a great deal of food preparation on them. They can manage warmth as well as spills with marginal damages to the surface area, and they can be wiped down with light dish soap as well as water to get rid of stains. However, prior to you embark on an epoxy redecorating job, it is very important to understand the disadvantages. The major negative aspect is that epoxy material creates a lot of waste, which can be quite an issue for those looking to be eco-conscious in their home. Apart from that, you also need to take into consideration the price of purchasing the materials required for an epoxy counter top refinishing. Normally, you’ll require to spend around $5 per square foot for epoxy resin and hardeners. If you take care with your purchasing as well as select high-quality blends, you can save a lot of cash over the life time of your counter top. As soon as you have actually selected a resin and hardener, it’s time to pour. You’ll require a mixing dish as well as some kind of tool to blend the epoxy, normally a slice brush. This is a tool that will permit you to mix the different colors and also develop a regular texture on your counter top. When applying your first layer of epoxy, it’s really important to focus on the amount of air bubbles that are developing. The more air bubbles you have, the tougher it will be to apply your paint in a smooth and also even manner. The very best way to keep bubbles to a minimum is by making certain that you are not blending way too much of the epoxy at one time, which you are pouring it in thin layers. Including too much of the fluid will certainly create it to be as well thick and make it impossible to achieve the consistency you prefer for the completed project. After the first layer of paint is applied, you will require to let it dry for around 20 minutes before beginning the following action. You can use a heat gun or impact clothes dryer to assist lower the variety of air bubbles as well as accelerate the process. If you have a large kitchen counter, you can utilize painters tape to produce a dam, which will protect against the epoxy from moving around sides. It’s a great idea to cover every one of the bordering locations with plastic sheeting as well, to secure them from the leaking of the epoxy.

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